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African Nyami-Nyami walking stick


Size: 90cm (H)Nyami Nyami walking stick

An unusual African hand carved Nyami Nyami walking stick that originates from Zimbabwe and carved by a Shona carver at late Kariba.

The Nyami Nyami cane has a looped fish head handle with spiraled shaft and carved into the shaft is African people and fish. The entire Nyami walking stick has been carved to the highest of standards.
The Nyami Nyami is a mystical creature that is said to live at the bottom of the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe and is half snake and half fish head. The Nyami Nyami protects the river and is respected by the local Shona and Tonga people.

The Nyami Nyami has the ability to take the lives of the people that live along it’s river banks and many stories have been told about the lives that have been lost in the river for lack of respect to the creature.